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What do you get if you cross a drummer with a DJ?

At the beginning of the year eminent electro DJ Mano Meter and mechanical grooves drummer Nook joined forces to create MANOOK. With a bit of cheek and some playful electro swing they've set out to give the party scene what it's been waiting for. A bold statement -but not unfounded.

Mano is a DJ and musician in his own right who plays piano, trumpet and guitar; when MANOOK's catchy tunes go live he won't be shy to give his trumpet a whirl. Mano Meter's last solo album "Swinger" infiltrated various party scenes and quickly sealed his popularity abroad. Before he knew it he was playing in Canada and the USA.

Nook has provided the beat for a variety of different bands over the years. From a drummer's perspective he's become quite the electro expert. Today Nook drums live for dark-electro institution PROJECT PITCHFORK and in the past has lent his support to German-American industrial legends DIE KRUPPS.

MANOOK's plans for the future include inviting guest performers along to play live as an added element of surprise to further fuel the great atmosphere of the gig.

Rating: extremely danceable


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